(Often known as the Diddy League (DL) or Junior League (JL))

What is the Diddy League?

The Durham and District Junior League is a competition between clubs based in Co Durham and its surroundings. It is widely known as the ‘Diddy League’, because it is a gala for youngsters aged 9-12 years (on the age as at date - see above). The galas are always exciting, noisy, competitive occasions with individual races and relay events, points being awarded to each club on the position achieved in each race.

DASC  competed in Division 1 of the DDJL  2013-2016 following promotion from Division 2 in 2012. In 2017 DASC were back in Division 2.

The team to represent DASC at each DL gala will be selected by the coaching team based on times recorded and swimmer availability and attendance.

Each club competes at three of the four heat galas. The leading six clubs in each division after the heat galas compete in the Final.

The DASC team swimmers must be DASC members but only need to be registered at ASA Category 1 to take part.

2018 Diddy League Gala Dates for DASC in Division 2 to be advised

2018 Diddy League Swimmers Age as at Date*

The 'age as at dates' for 2018 Diddy League swimmers are to be advised. If they follow the same pattern as 2017 they will be

  • for 9 year olds - 25 Nov 2018
  • for 10,11,12 year olds - 31 Dec 2018
    So a swimmer who becomes 10 any time after 25 Nov 2018 is a 10 year old Diddy League swimmer

2018 Diddy League Training
updated 14 Nov 2017

Training sessions for swimmers of Diddy League age* (see above) are held on Saturdays 11.45am-1.15pm at Haughton EV run by the following rota.

Swimmers by DL age*
Sat 4 Nov
9-12 years* from B1&B2 squads and DL 9 year* olds from B3
Sat 11 Nov
9-12 years* from A2&A3 squads
Sat 18 Nov
Sat 25 Nov
9-12 years* from A2&A3 squads
Sat 2 Dec
9-12 years* from B1&B2 squads and DL 9 year* olds from B3
Sat 9 Dec
9-12 years* from A2&A3 squads
Sat 16 Dec
Sat 23 Dec
Sat 30 Dec

DASC at Billingham Gala  12 March 2017

Congratulations to the young DASC swimmers who represented the club at our first Diddy League heat gala at Billingham. They swam with great determination and were involved in some exciting racing.

DASC finished in 3rd place just 3 points behind 2nd place North Tyneside. City of Sunderland were well ahead in 1st place.

The coaches were delighted with their swimmers, especially the fact that there was only 1 disqualification in the 51 events, the fewest of any club in that Division 2 gala.

Thank you to our enthusiastic and supportive spectators. We hope you and your swimmers enjoyed the event. Thanks also to the coaches, the poolside helpers and the gala officials for making it all possible.

Please note that it is the policy of the DDJL that 'no photography of any sort shall be taken by any coaches, swimmers, parents, nor spectating children at [any] junior league events. This includes the use of cameras, video recorders and all mobile phones.' Please respect this policy at future galas.

 City of Sunderland
 North Tyneside
 Darlington 190
 AquaForce 170
 Richmond 126
 South Tyneside

DASC at Stanley Gala 2 April 2017

The Division 2 teams finished in the same order as in the previous gala.

The DASC team had 4 DQs this gala and, because of illness, were unable to field a team in 2 relay events.

 City of Sunderland
 North Tyneside
 South Tyneside

DASC at Dunston Gala 7 May 2017

DASC finished 2nd in our final heat gala just 2 points ahead of Aquaforce.

The team scored points in 46 of the 51 events, with 4 DQs all in individual events and one relay event in which we didn't field a team.

 City of Sunderland
 North Tyneside 157
 South Tyneside

DASC at Division 2 Final
at Tynemouth 11 June 2017

DASC finished 3rd in the Division 2 Final of the 2017 Diddy League held at Tynemouth Pool. In an exciting tussle throughout the gala with North Tyneside ASC, Darlington were unfortunate to finish just 6 points behind them.

The final was won convincingly by Sunderland who will be promoted to
Division 1 for 2018, and Morpeth have been promoted to Division 2 to take the place of South Tyneside who are relgated to Division 3.

It was great to see Darlington scoring points in all but one of the 51 events. Only Sunderland managed a clean sheet.

The Locomotion Train and its passengers did the club proud in the team parade, the swimmers rose magnificently to the occasion and the travelling spectators supported the team admirably.

 City of Sunderland
 North Tyne
 Aqua Force
 South Tyne