General Equipment and Swimwear

All swimmers should attend training in suitable swimwear, with a hat if needed, well-fitting googles, and water bottle.

Swimmers in A3 squad and above are also expected to have their own kickboard, pullbuoy, and short fins. It is helpful if this equipment is named.

Swimmers are asked to wear a DASC hat at galas.

Times swum in galas should be recorded. You can buy a Record Book for this or set up your own. You can also buy Sprint Award Badges if your swimmer has recorded fast enough times in a gala.

The Club Shop can advise and does sell all these items, although most of them are also available from many other suppliers.


We are in the process of incorporating our new logo into various items of DASC kit.

Some of this can only be bought from the Club Shop eg hats, T-bag T-shirts, water bottles, holdalls, towels.

Some items can only be ordered by you online direct from the supplier GGGear eg hoodies, zipped tops, green T-shirts, black shorts and green towels.

DASC tracksuits can be ordered using an order form available at the Club Shop.

DASC has affiliation schemes with two large online swimwear suppliers:

Use discount code Darlo2014 at the checkout stage on NESS website