Swim Mums' Night Out updated 4 Aug 2017

Swim Mums Night Out - all "mums" welcome! Saturday 26th August

Meet at William Steads at 7.30pm and the Tapas for food at 8.30pm- come for both or either.

Contact Kat Richardson, Ruby Diment's mum A2 Squad, to book for food and so she can gauge numbers - via event on Facebook or in person.

DASC Presentation Evening 2016

See flyer for information

DASC Fund-Raising Bag Pack 2016

Thank you to all who helped with this event on Saturday 12 March at Morrison's North Road. You raised a magnificent £740.







DASC Christmas Events and Fund-Raisers 2015

Thank you to all the swimmers, siblings, parents and coaches who came to the DASC Christmas Event and joined in all the fun of the evening.

Congratulations to the winners of the Fun Awards, the winners of the Coaches' Awards, and the Club Champions for 2015 Adam Howell and Chloe Oliver.

Thank you to:

  • Glen for the Christmas Quiz
  • Glenda and Les for their game show entertainment!
  • Derek Anderson  for his financial contribution towards the cost of the food.
  • John Sweeney for the vouchers and certificates
  • Margaret Rogers  for all her hard work with the Christmas Raffle, which had 26 prizes up for grabs.
  • All who bought and/or sold DASC Christmas Raffle tickets and all those who contributed prizes for it.
  • Mike Oliver for the sweet stall and the Gorilla!

A BIG THANK YOU to the first-time organisers of these Christmas events and fund-raisers, who spent many hours working very hard to make them a success for us to enjoy

Jeanette Rogers
Sarah Briggs
Lynette Anderson

They would be interested to hear your feedback on what you thought, positive or negative, but helpful please.

The Christmas Raffle, sale of sweets and the Gorilla Raffle raised about £500 for DASC - a fantastic total

DASC Christmas Raffle Winners

Winners of DASC Fun Awards

DASC Spring Fund-Raisers 2015

Many thanks and well done to all those involved in organising our 3 recent fund-raising events - Lynette Anderson, Sarah Briggs, Kath Pinner, Jeanette and Margaret Rogers, and Lindsey Allinson. You have done a great job.

Good Friday Bag Pack 3 April 2015
updated 4 Apr

A big thank you to all those swimmers and parents and other adult DASC members who bag packed at Morrisons, North Road on Good Friday. The money collected has been counted and comes to an amazing £1084.06!!

We had a great turnout, and the tills were busy all day. Thanks especially to those who did more than their 2 hour stint, some of them staying for the entire 6 hours! As well as raising money for ‘Medals and trophies, team transport and specialist training and equipment’ it is a good way of raising the profile of DASC in the community. The sea of green DASC T-shirts at the tills throughout the day was very striking, and most DASC members seemed to be enjoying themselves.

Thank you to John Sweeney for his help with printing great signs for the collecting buckets and to Ian Kell for setting up the bag pack date.

Report and Results  from Bag Pack.
(Yes, even a Bag Pack is competitive!)

Bag Pack winners receive their prizes
from Sarah Briggs and Jeanette Rogers

Easter Raffle 31 March 2015
updated 4 Apr

Thank you to everyone who bought or sold tickets for our Easter Raffle, and to everyone who donated items for it, enabling us to have 27 prizes mainly of an edible nature! A special mention to local businesses -Bliss Gifts, Simply Thankyou and the Co-op - for kindly donating prizes.

After expenses, the Raffle raised a fantastic total of £594.19!

Body Shop Event 7 March 2015

Thank you to everyone who supported the Body Shop Evening on 7 March and especially to Sarah Briggs (A1 squad) and others who organised it.

Photos and stories from Body Shop Event