Easy Steps To Learn How To Swim Properly And Without Fear

Learning how to swim should start from our early ages when we are still kids as kids learn easier every kind of activity and sport. Still, some people simply have the fear of water and no matter they do, they are still afraid and have a problem with water. Of course, water can be dangerous but if you apply some security measures that you follow, there is no bad thing that can happen to you. Anyway, we are presenting you the easy steps for learning the swimming much easier.

Get rid of you fear of water

swimmingThe first and initial step is to get rid of your water fear! A lot of people are afraid of drowning and that is fine. However, in order to get more comfortable with water, you should follow the guidelines below:

  • Do not swim alone, especially if you are in the sea,
  • If you are rookie, never swim in water that is moving (rivers and creeks),
  • Do not go too deep, only to the point where you can stand on your feet,
  • Do not go swimming when the weather is bad,
  • Never swim in water that is too cold.

These simple guidelines will be just enough to start off and get rid of your fear. Once you overcome the fear and respect the above guidelines.

Get used to floating and do not panic

Get used to floating and do not panicThe very next step you MUST master is the floating on water. You can use for a start a ball that you put in front of yourself and you hold it with your hands stretched and just let of your body and start floating on stomach. Once you get used to the feeling, then lay on your back and remember, your ears must be in the same level with the water. If you want the extra stability, place your arms at the right angle, so you form T letter. Also, try to minimize your panic – do this by turning from back-floating position to the front one and try to keep above the water. If you fall down a bit, try not to panic and try to keep yourself above the surface of water!

Begin with strokes

First of all, you should hold your hands to the side of pool and use your legs. The key thing is to learn how to use your legs properly so you could swim. A whip kick or a flutter kick are variations of the kicking and your goal is to become as much as comfortable with these. After you learn this, then you proceed to learning crawl and the use of your hands.

Paul Wilkins

The Darlington Amateur Swimming Club was founded in 1940 when John Ferguson came to an idea to start this kind of club. The club started as a small group of swimming enthusiasts and managed to expand up to 100 employees! Now, we have the regular training sessions, preparations and emergency exercises in case you need a professional swimming license. The club works only with the certified professionals who can take the whole training on their own. Therefore you are in the safe hands!