In its place
The nice thing about such a huge range of different indoor plants is that they all come from different places around the world and have their own preferences. Bathroom plants are used to a tropical climate and feel most comfortable in those conditions. The fact that orchids prefer to be regularly misted in the dry heating air says it all; they feel much more at home in a humid bathroom.

Tropical climate
The butterfly orchid (Phalaenopsis) is, like many other plants, native to the tropical rainforest. Tropical plants are used to high humidity and 60 millimetres of rain per month. In the coldest month of the year, the average temperature does not drop below 18°C. It’s no different in your bathroom (or we’ll make sure it is).

Curious aerial roots
You can display bathroom plants on a shelf against the wall or use a plant stand to lift them a little off the ground. But even better is to let them hang in a macramé hanger. Orchids with whimsical aerial roots, which do not require any water but absorb moisture from the air, are perfect for this purpose. With a window in your bathroom and a glimmer of light, you are in the right place. Most bathroom plants, such as curly fern (Nephrolepis) and venus hair (Adianthum), also do well in the dark.