Take extra good care of your lawn
Your lawn has a hard time in autumn because of the rain and cold. That is why your lawn could use some extra attention. Keep your lawn free of leaves as much as possible and give it a final mowing at the end of October. Be careful not to cut the grass too short. A little longer grass keeps out weeds and moss because the grass absorbs the sunlight. Finally, sprinkle some grass seed in the bare spots to fill them up again.

Move plants, plant bulbs
Regular precipitation ensures that the soil is moist in autumn. As it is often not yet cold in autumn, this season is suitable for planting new flower bulbs for the spring. Do this no later than October! If you plant your flower bulbs at this time of year, they can gain strength before the winter comes.

Vegetable garden season
September and October are not the only times when you have to get your garden ready for autumn: For lovers of home-grown vegetables, autumn is the ideal season! Endive, winter carrots, spinach and lamb’s lettuce are all easy to grow now. Cress is also good for sowing.