The plant
The tomato plant is, oddly enough, poisonous. The toxicity only disappears from the tomato when it ripens and becomes edible. The tomato plant originally comes from Central America. Even the Mayas and the Incas ate tomatoes, but in a yellow colour. That is also the reason why the tomato is called ‘pomodoro’ in Italy: apple of gold. We can distinguish between climbing tomatoes and bush tomatoes.

Growing tomatoes
If you want to start growing tomatoes, see the article tomato growing how and when best to sow or plant them. You can also grow bush tomatoes in a pot or container, climbing tomatoes are better off in the ground and tied up well.

Hanging up climbing tomatoes
The climbing tomato is a considerable climber. Once the tomato plant starts growing, you have to keep on tying it up. When guiding climbing plants, see in the video how to do it. When tying up, stick to one main branch. More branches will grow, but these can be cut or thinned out. When the tomato plant reaches a height of about two metres, cut it off. Otherwise, it will continue to grow and that will be at the expense of the energy for the tomatoes.